Frozen New Grounds (2012)

Nine archival inkjet prints
8.5 x 11 in. each
Exhibited at "The Skinny" (University of Washington School of Art Gallery) as part of Vantage Point, June 2012
Concrete brutalist balcony with aggregate walls  - photo by Amelia HooningRed glove jutting out of a building grate  - photo by Amelia HooningStair railing against beige wall with shadows  - photo by Amelia HooningAerial photo of plant in geometric stone planter surrounded by pavement  - photo by Amelia HooningAbstract series of white walls with shadows  - photo by Amelia HooningConcrete stairs surrounded by concrete aggregate walls with concrete trash bin  - photo by Amelia HooningWindow of building on a hill  - photo by Amelia HooningBrutalist freeway park in Seattle  - photo by Amelia HooningInterior of empty store space with shadowy walls  - photo by Amelia Hooning